Enabling businesses to communicate beautifully, efficiently, and strategically

We believe local businesses can advertise themselves just as beautifully, efficiently and strategically as large corporations do, and, at a sensible cost.

Over the years of designing and producing media, we found that clients would struggle to use their new website, video, marketing campaign, etc. after the initial launch, thus, not seeing the anticipated return on investment.

Based on this insight, we created Outwood, a personalised marketing system. It features every digital and physical marketing device an SME needs. The advantage of having a system, tailored to your brand and audience, is it can be used indefinitely on a continuous basis. Businesses can utilise this holistic marketing tool to reach out to its community, paying for one setup and reaping the benefits of saved costs and time over the years.

Six Tailored


Design and development tailored to your brand for an holistic online identity, consistent with your current main website.


All copy written for your landing page, social media, video and email campaigns. Giving your business one strong voice.


From pre-production through to editing, visual media suited to your brand style ready for any digital platform.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. We can share your message anywhere with an audience.


Setup, branded and written for strong email campaigns, from design to delivery, to attract your customers and keep them engaged.


(Optional Extra) Conversations with your customers, allowing their needs to guide our creative process.

A Product
in Partnership

This product has been created in partnership with Creative Wolf. The two leaders involved with this are James Cardell-Oliver from Creative Wolf and Ben Sharpe from Swim.

We continue to work closely with James at Creative Wolf aiming to launch Outwood later this year.

  • James Cardell-Oliver
  • Ben Sharpe