Idea Generation

Continuing the process from our research phase, idea generation is where creativity comes to life. We help our clients shape their product or service and present a variety of avenues in which we could take the project. This is an important stage to discover the potential of what can be achieved.

We seek out the maximum potential in everything we do.

Design Thinking

We use design thinking to create truly meaningful work. This methodology takes us through qualitative research, customer development, idea generation, as well as prototyping and production. It’s a customer focused approach to producing work which helps us stay true to our values, whilst delivering quick and cost-effective results.

Adopting Design Thinking

Many organisations, from startups, SMEs, to government, are seeing the benefits of adding design thinking strategies into their practice. It has become a methodology which allows teams to test ideas quickly and cheaply whilst keeping every decision customer focused. Being inherently design driven means user experience, interaction and aesthetics are fundamental, resulting in products and services that people love.

Our Design Thinking

There are many areas within design thinking and currently we are focussed on three key capabilities; customer development, ideation, and prototyping. As we continue to grow our expertise in these areas they enable us to create better and more meaningful work for the future.