Project Brief

To produce digital media for Felix and Carla to promote themselves to managers, concert organisers and their online following.

The Purpose

Felix and Carla are a classical music duo who have been playing together for three years. Though they live in separate countries, they come together throughout the year to work on projects.

They want to increase their working engagements throughout the year and so our production team flew out to Norway for one week to produce a variety of films and recordings with them.

There were two major driving purposes for this project; to increase their content output on social media platforms and to increase their interest from managers and concert organisers.


We decided that it would be appropriate to produce a range of different videos which would be tailored to the different audiences.

The final output was one promotional video (primarily for managers), one documentary (primarily for online audiences), and 4 performance films (for general viewing).

From filming so much material over the week, there has also been a delivery of short clips used for social media to continue their content marketing release throughout the year.