Have Promo Videos Lost Their Impact?

In our digital society, social media plays an important role in how businesses communicate to their audience. Online social platforms provide a great way of spreading a message, sharing information, and telling stories. It seems that video is the favoured communication outlet and therefore fashionable to have a promotional video.

There are many reasons why a promo video is a great idea for any business, from sole-trader to international corporation. It is a quick and (hopefully) engaging medium for getting key ideas across to an audience.

Promo videos are a little different to adverts in that they focus more on ‘what’ a business does, rather than a conceptually driven video as you see in the advertising space.

With a barrage of targeted videos constantly hitting our social media feeds, it can be somewhat overwhelming for users to digest, as well as for creatives to think of unique video concepts which truly stand out.

It has become similar to Times Square in New York. The square is filled with large, vibrant, lit-up signs and posters every direction you look. On their own, these signs are designed to grab your attention, however when they hang side by side in Times Square, the amalgamation of many signs can be overwhelming, blurring into one mass of colour, thus losing their impact.