Introduction to Swim

Over the last three years, we’ve had the opportunity to produce films and recordings with some great people and businesses as Mill Productions. We set out to help musicians produce online content and have had the privilege of working in some of the UK’s best venues with incredibly talented people.

We now have the great pleasure to announce the rebirth of our company into something that will add greater value to our clients and allows us to create on a larger scale. With some new blood in the mix and with experience under our belt in different areas of business and design, we are excited to introduce Swim!

Swim aims to grow people and organisations by providing services in research, ideation, design and production, offering creative solutions ranging from film to product development. In addition to this, we are creating products for individuals and SMEs, starting with our personalised marketing system, Outwood.

We hope you can join us on our journey and feel free to pop-by our new studio in Whaley Bridge for a chat, a cup of coffee, and let’s see how we can help!