Meet the Swimmers

Your journey will start and end with the same people, no layers of hierarchy, and you will be in direct contact with the creatives working on your project. We recognise the importance of building trust, and we look forward to creating lasting, beneficial client relationships.


Our studio is located in the High Peak, Derbyshire. It’s a versatile space where we can share ideas, try things out and document our progress throughout projects. In many ways, the room becomes a shared brain for the Swim team and allows projects to expand beyond one person's capabilities.

Our Values


We believe people have the opportunity to flourish when in community. Swim endeavours to create environments and products where people can work and grow together.

Beautiful Work

We believe that great design is valuable and important for everyone, from business models to branding. It would be a miserable world with no artistic influence or human-centric design.


We believe everyone deserves the right to be listened to and understood. We aim to work transparently internally and externally, with no hidden agenda. Respectable work will stand the test of time.

The Swimmers

Our team is made up of a talented, fun and friendly group of people. Some of the members are with us full-time and some are partners who work with us for specific projects.

We’re hoping to grow our team in the future and love to connect with like-minded people. Please feel free to get in touch any time!

Ben Sharpe

Business Lead

Nathan Bartindale

Creative Lead





Clients & Partners